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For the past two years Iraq, Syria, Jordan and parts of Turkey and Lebanon, have suffered the devastating effects of the worst drought the Middle East has experienced in decades.
 Middle East water Israel Palestine Lebanon Syria Iraq Jordan Turkey
The people who went missing during Lebanon's civil war in the 1970s and 80s are in danger of being forgotten as their parents and siblings grow older.


 Lebanon civil war kidnapping Syria
In the space of two weeks in March, the United Nations authorised unprecedented interventions to protect civilians in Libya and Ivory Coast with dramatic results in both countries.


 United Nations intervention military Libya Syria Ivory Coast war
Syrian security forces have cracked down on anti-government protests across the country, killing 100 people in the city of Hama alone, reports say.


 Syria bloodshed protest
An imam has been killed in an arson attack at a Shia mosque in the Brussels suburb of Anderlecht.


 imam religion Anderlecht Belgium fire Syria