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The Pirate Party doesn't want to be perceived as a bunch of computer hackers that just want to download the latest Angelina Jolie movie for free.
 freedom Internet copyright Sweden file sharing
Residents in Stockholm are divided over reports that rabbits are being used to make biofuel.


 Sweden fuel rabbit burn animal cull genocide
The Russian military allegedly dumped nuclear waste into the Baltic Sea in the early 1990s.


 radioactive Baltic Sea Sweden Russia Latvia
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had a reputation for being suspicious and paranoid even before everyone was out to get him. Everyone, in this case, is the US - where government lawyers are hoping to prosecute on espionage charges - and the European Union, where he is wanted for questioning about an allegation of rape. As of Tuesday, Mr Assange has also been liable to arrest in any of the 188 member countries of Interpol - from Afghanistan...


 paranoia Julian Assange Interpol extradition WikiLeaks revenge espionage USA Sweden rape
This particular journalist has put it out. What they are doing is criminalising him, criminalising journalistic activity.


 Julian Assange WikiLeaks politics smear extradition Sweden rape allegation
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he is worried about an attempt to extradite him to the United States.


 WikiLeaks Julian Assange extradition USA Sweden UK politics
The whistle-blowing website works off servers stored deep below ground in Stockholm, in a former nuclear bunker.


 WikiLeaks server Sweden bunker nuclear
Swedish man who tried to set up a nuclear reactor in his kitchen at home has admitted his plan was "crazy". Richard Handl said he had just been "curious" and wanted to see if he would be able to split an atom.


 Sweden nuclear energy DIY incredible radioactive