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An attempted attack by Somali pirates on a Norwegian tanker was foiled by Nato warships and helicopters after an overnight pursuit in the Gulf of Aden.


 pirate Somalia NATO
The winners of a quiz organised by Somali Islamists have been given weapons and ammunition as prizes.


 Somalia weapon
A Somali man has been charged with trying to kill a Danish artist whose drawing of the Prophet Mohammed sparked riots around the world.


 Somalia Muslim fundamentalism cartoon satire Denmark
he 300,000-tonne Samho Dream - loaded with crude oil - was on its way from Iraq to the United States with 24 crew when it was seized on Sunday.


 tanker Somalia pirate oil Iraq
Geologists working in the remote Afar region of Ethiopia say the ocean will eventually split the African continent in two, though it will take about 10 million years.


 Africa ocean geology Ethiopia Somalia
A Nato warship has captured a suspected pirate mother ship off Somalia, Nato's counter-piracy mission has said.


 NATO pirate ship Somalia weapon