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Nearly 150 people, including many children, are feared dead after a Russian airliner crashed in Siberia. The S7 Airlines Airbus was flying from Moscow when it crashed on landing at Irkutsk airport. The plane reportedly slid off the runway and hit a building.


 Russia crash airplane Siberia Irkutsk
04-07-2004, no, je to trosku prifarbene! altajci sa s rusmi hadaju uz niekolko rokov akademgorodok v rusku im ju nevrati a navyse tu mumiu (velmi poskodili, ked ju skumali, ked prisla do kontaktu so vzduchom altajci ju chcu pochovat a altajske muzeum zas vystavit, ale nikdy sa im nepodari postavit ten skleneny sarkofag, pretoze na to nemaju peniaze, to malinke muzeum je v zufalom stave, ale riaditelka ma predstavu, ze postavi sarkofag za...


 culture anthropology Siberia mummy
At 7:17am on 30 June 1908, an immense explosion tore through the forest of central Siberia.


 asteroid Tunguska Siberia
The last remaining population of Siberian tigers has declined significantly, according to research.


 Siberia tiger extinction toread
Wagons brimming with logs accumulate in the Siberian railway station of Dalnerechensk, more than 8,000km east of Moscow. They are waiting to cross the nearby Chinese border.


 Siberia logging environment toread
In Siberia, the winter temperature can drop to -60C, making it one of the coldest places to live in the world. In the first of our series on extremes, Adam Mynott finds out how the people of Oymyakon district cope with everyday life under such extraordinary conditions.


 Siberia Russia Oymyakon hot cold
The biggest survey of Native American DNA has concluded that the New World was settled in three major waves. But the majority of today's indigenous Americans descend from a single group of migrants that crossed from Asia to Alaska 15,000 years ago or more.


 human migration America DNA genetics Siberia Asia