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Russia's agency responsible for the Kremlin security is buying typewriters - a move reportedly prompted by recent leaks by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden. The FSO has not commented on why it needs the old-fashioned devices.
 Russia security
In the middle of a Russian swampland, not far from the city of St Petersburg, is a rectangular iron gate. Beyond its rusted bars is a collection of radio towers, abandoned buildings and power lines bordered by a dry-stone wall.
 mystery radio Russia secret
Kyrgyzstan's president has said his government is closing a key US air base on its territory. Kurmanbek Bakiyev made the announcement in Moscow, where he was promised more than $2bn in aid by Russia.
 USA military Kyrgyzstan Russia base
A Russian ex-KGB agent could soon be in control of London daily newspaper the Evening Standard. Billionaire businessman Alexander Lebedev is believed to have made an offer for a 76% share of the paper.


 Russia UK KGB newspaper
US and Russian communications satellites have collided in space in the first such reported mishap. A satellite owned by the US company Iridium hit a defunct Russian satellite at high speed nearly 780km over Siberia on Tuesday.


 USA Russia satellite collision space debris space junk
Four Russian policemen and three suspected rebels have been killed in fighting in Ingushetia, in Russia's troubled North Caucasus


 Russia Ingushetia
Russia has been paying public relations consultants to portray its role in international affairs in a positive light, but the BBC's James Rodgers fails to see anything but the negative after being detained for visiting a greenhouse in the north.


 Russia journalism freedom PR
As Russia marks the 20th anniversary of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, officials in Moscow are warning that US and Nato-led forces are making exactly the same mistakes as the Soviet Union made when it invaded the country in 1979.


 Afghanistan Russia USSR occupation jihad
Twenty years ago this week, Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan, after nine years of occupation. Lyse Doucet was our correspondent in Kabul then and she's back in the Afghan capital now.


 USA Afghanistan Russia USSR Kabul Taliban mujahideen
Nearly 150 people, including many children, are feared dead after a Russian airliner crashed in Siberia. The S7 Airlines Airbus was flying from Moscow when it crashed on landing at Irkutsk airport. The plane reportedly slid off the runway and hit a building.


 Russia crash airplane Siberia Irkutsk
What Russia calls the Southern Kurils are known in Japan as the Northern Territories.


 Japan Russia territory Kurils
Grigory Perelman, the Russian who seems to have solved one of the hardest problems in mathematics, has declined one of the discipline's top awards. ... The Poincare Conjecture says that a three-dimensional sphere is the only enclosed three-dimensional space with no holes.


 mathematics Russia genius
A series of punctuation marks used to convey a wink in text messages - known as an emoticon - has been trademarked in Russia, says a local businessman. Entrepreneur Oleg Teterin said the trademark for the ;-) emoticon was granted to him by Russia's federal patent agency.


 Russia trademark copyright emoticon smilie
One of Russia's most famous statues of Vladimir Lenin has been bombed, leaving the Bolshevik revolutionary with a gaping hole in his rear.


 Lenin statue Russia
Russia's next-generation manned space vehicle might be equipped with thrusters to perform a precision landing on its return to Earth. If accepted, it would be the first time that a manned vehicle relied solely on rocket engines for touchdown. Previous manned missions have landed on Earth using a parachute or, in the case of space shuttles, a pair of wings.


 landing space Russia rocket parachute