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Archaeologists have embarked on an epic search for an ancient fleet of Persian ships that was destroyed in a violent storm off Greece in 492 BC.


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Unlike Israel and the United States, Iran has abided by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, of which it was an original signatory.


 Iran Persia
We should remember how the same newspaper wielded its editorial cudgel the last time the White House was laying groundwork for a military attack. On February 6, 2003, the Post - under the headline "Irrefutable" - told readers in no uncertain terms: "After Secretary of State Colin L. Powell's presentation to the United Nations Security Council yesterday, it is hard to imagine how anyone could doubt that Iraq possesses...


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This may be the most serious threat the dollar has ever faced. The fundamental economic law of supply and demand ensures that the bourse means hard times for the greenback. This explains why the Bush administration is cobbling together a feeble coalition of European allies (England, France and Germany) to push a resolution through the Security Council expressing their serious concern about Iran's alleged nuclear programs. ... "...


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Iranians wishing to buy Danish pastries will now have to ask for Roses of the Prophet Muhammad. (French fries and French toast were renamed freedom fries and freedom toast at cafeterias in the US House of Representatives in 2003, after France opposed the US-led invasion of Iraq.)


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Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said ... Iran would never give up its "right" to peaceful nuclear energy. Hours earlier US President George Bush, giving his State of the Union address, said the world must not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. ... They seem to be talking about different things here.. or am I wrong? Tomáš J. Fülöpp


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