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President Barack Obama has said publishing photos of the dead Osama Bin Laden threatens US national security.


 photography Osama bin Laden death sensitivity War On Terror double-standard assassination
President Barack Obama has announced he will not release photos that show Osama Bin Laden with a bullet hole in his head, but a heated debate in the US about whether they should be publicly shown goes on.


 Osama bin Laden War On Terror assassination USA photography
Mr Gates, addressing US marines at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, said he had met the Seal team last week and they raised the issue of their security "and particularly with respect to their families". "We are looking at what measures can be taken to pump up the security," he said. Mr Gates said threats against US forces had increased since Bin Laden's death. "As a result, there has been a consistent and...


 Osama bin Laden assassination USA soldier military identity al-Qaeda War On Terror
Relatives of victims of the 11 September attacks have filed a trillion-dollar lawsuit against various parties, accusing them of financing Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror network and Afghanistan's former Taleban regime.


 USA War On Terror Osama bin Laden lawsuit 9/11 al-Qaeda Afghanistan Taliban
First, officials say Bin Laden went down in a firefight, shooting back while using a woman as a human shield. Then, it turns out he was unarmed when shot. The woman also turned out to be his wife and she was running at US troops when she was shot. First, there was a fierce, 40-minute firefight in the Abbottabad villa. Then, it turns out only one of the people slain in the raid had a gun that he fired and he was killed in the first few...


 Osama bin Laden War On Terror assassination extrajudicial killing public relations Barack Obama USA president media
By conservative estimates, bin Laden cost the United States at least $3 trillion over the past 15 years, counting the disruptions he wrought on the domestic economy, the wars and heightened security triggered by the terrorist attacks he engineered, and the direct efforts to hunt him down.


 Osama bin Laden war profiteering War On Terror business
A recording purported to have been made by Osama Bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda. In the message, he praises the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a "rare historic opportunity" for Muslims to rise up.


 Osama bin Laden revolution Muslim al-Qaeda War On Terror posthumous Middle East
Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's number two, has warned that Osama Bin Laden will continue to "terrify" the US from beyond the grave.


 al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden Ayman al-Zawahiri
The CIA ran a fake vaccine programme in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad to try to get a DNA sample from the family of Osama Bin Laden, media reports say.


 CIA DNA genetics Osama bin Laden Pakistan USA vaccine identification
Rumours circulating on Twitter that Osama Bin Laden was a fan of The IT Crowd sitcom were an elaborate new media hoax. Here comedian Graham Linehan explains how he organised the ruse. I spread a story on Twitter that in some of the videos seized from his compound during the Navy Seals raid, Osama Bin Laden was watching my sitcom The IT Crowd. I did it to illustrate the lightning speed at which a rumour can circulate and mutate on Twitter...


 Osama bin Laden television hoax Twitter rumour
Only a few months after 9/11, American troops located Osama Bin Laden in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan - so how was he able to evade them?


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan 9/11 War On Terror escape military USA
Thirty US troops, said to be mostly special forces, have been killed, reportedly when a Taliban rocket downed their helicopter in east Afghanistan. Seven Afghan commandos and a civilian interpreter were also on the Chinook, officials say. US sources say the special forces were from the Navy Seal unit which killed Osama Bin Laden, but are "unlikely" to be the same personnel. This is the largest single US loss of life in the Afghan...


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan invasion Taliban War On Terror helicopter
The US military is trying to confirm whether insurgent fire brought down a helicopter in Afghanistan with the loss of 38 people, most of them Americans. The dead included Navy Seals, Afghan commandos, US Air Force personnel, a dog handler, the Chinook crew and a civilian interpreter. The 30 US deaths are the largest single American loss of life in the conflict.


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan invasion Taliban War On Terror helicopter
A senior Republican has called for an inquiry into reports the White House fed secrets about the killing of Osama Bin Laden to Hollywood film-makers. Peter King, chair of the House of Representatives homeland security committee, cited a report suggesting the White House hopes the film will boost President Obama's election bid. New York Times writer Maureen Dowd said film-makers had "top-level access".


 Osama bin Laden Barack Obama election extrajudicial killing assassination Pakistan movie secret transparency entertainment War On Terror profiteering