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The internet is among a record 237 individuals and organisations nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.


 Nobel Prize Internet toread
Graphene is a flat sheet of carbon just one atom thick; it is almost completely transparent, but also extremely strong and a good conductor of electricity.


 graphene carbon atom material physics Nobel Prize
Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has been named the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.


 Nobel Prize dissident China peace human rights prison
Beijing has said nations which attend Friday's award ceremony in Oslo will be showing disrespect to China.


 China dissident Nobel Prize boycott
China and 18 other countries have said they will not attend Friday's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has said. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran are among those that will be absent, while 44 countries will attend. A Chinese official said a "vast majority" of countries would stay away.


 China dissident Nobel Prize boycott peace
A Magazine story on Sunday explored the curious fact that countries where chocolate-consumption is high tend to produce more Nobel Prize winners.


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