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The New Orleans riverfront has been hit by a series of massive blasts, and fires are raging in the area. The blasts are believed to have involved a chemical factory and police have sent a team to see if toxic fumes have been released. The news came as extra troops were sent to quell lawlessness in the city, where thousands are stranded without food or water in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. President Bush has admitted that the initial...


 George Bush Katrina hurricane New Orleans lawlessness
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has issued a "desperate SOS" to help thousands of people stranded with no food or water. Up to 25,000 people are at the city's convention centre, with thousands more trying to survive hurricane flooding. Some 300 "battle-tested" National Guardsmen have arrived in New Orleans from Iraq with orders to restore civic order and using a shoot-to-kill policy...


 stranded Katrina hurricane New Orleans lawlessness shoot-to-kill civic order
Newly released satellite images show how Katrina built up force over the sea before lashing the Louisiana coast. Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico caused Katrina to strengthen into a category five hurricane. When she hit land, she slowed down, releasing huge amounts of rain. It was this, rather than her winds, that caused much of the damage.


 satellite rain weather Katrina hurricane New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina is pummelling New Orleans with howling gusts and blinding rain, after sweeping ashore over the southern Louisiana coast. The storm has knocked out power and submerged part of the low-lying city in up to 2m of rising water. Katrina has torn part of the roof of a stadium, where many sought refuge.


 rain Katrina hurricane New Orleans flooding