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The US space agency (Nasa) successfully launched its New Horizons mission to Pluto on Thursday. ... to reach the ninth planet by July 2015.


 planet Pluto New Horizons
A mission to an unexplored planet is being launched for the first time since the Voyager craft left for Jupiter and Saturn in the 1970s. ... to reach Pluto in July 2015 (Jupiter slingshot manoeuvre, March 2007, to achieve speeds of about 25km/s) or 2018. ... We've never got a good view of what it looks like, even with the best telescopes - even with Hubble. It just looks like a fuzzy blob. ... For onboard electric power, the probe...


 planet Pluto New Horizons
The New Horizons mission has been launched to Pluto. It is the first time a spacecraft has been sent to an unexplored world since the Voyager 2 craft visited Neptune in the late 1980s. New Horizons' trip to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Objects will cover uncharted territory in the exploration of the Solar System.


 planet Pluto New Horizons Neptune Kuiper Belt
Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has sent back images of a huge volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io.


 Moon volcano New Horizons Jupiter Io