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Aribert Heim, one of the most wanted Nazi criminals, has been dead since 1992, German's ZDF television reports. It says Heim, known as "Doctor Death" lived under a pseudonym and died in Egypt's capital, Cairo.
 Nazi Germany Egypt doctor concentration camp
A former SS man alleged to have taken part in the extermination of 8,000 Jews in one day has been freed by Austria, a day after being extradited from the US.


 USA Nazi Austria
A speech in which the Pope appeared to associate atheism with the Nazis has prompted criticism from humanist organisations.


 Pope Nazi religion Catholic Church atheism
The director stunned onlookers by stating he "sympathised" with Hitler and for saying that while he was "not against Jews... Israel is a pain in the ass".


 movie Adolf Hitler Nazi Israel Jewish politics
The grave holding the remains of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess has been destroyed to stop it being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazis. ... The remains were later cremated and are to be scattered at sea.


 Nazi Rudolf Hess grave exhumation World War II
She was one of the most remarkable women of the 20th Century, but Coco Chanel's reputation is again under scrutiny over allegations that she was a Nazi agent in WWII France.


 Coco Chanel design Nazi France WWII