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Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called on his international allies to change the way the "war on terror" is being fought in his country.


 Afghanistan War On Terror NATO civilian casualties
An attempted attack by Somali pirates on a Norwegian tanker was foiled by Nato warships and helicopters after an overnight pursuit in the Gulf of Aden.


 pirate Somalia NATO
International law is seen by many to have been shunted aside by Western powers when launching their most significant military operations in the past decade.


 peace war pre-emptive illegal law NATO imperialism colonialism
Nato's top commander in Afghanistan has said increased troop levels could bring a negotiated peace with the Taliban. US Gen Stanley McChrystal told the UK's Financial Times newspaper that there had been "enough fighting". He said a political solution in all conflicts was "inevitable". His remarks came as the top UN envoy in Kabul said it was time to talk to the militants.


 Taliban NATO Afghanistan invasion peace war
The former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned Nato that victory in Afghanistan is impossible. Mr Gorbachev said that the US had no alternative but to withdraw its forces if it wanted to avoid another Vietnam.


 NATO Mikhail Gorbachev USSR Russia Afghanistan invasion history democracy victory
A Nato warship has captured a suspected pirate mother ship off Somalia, Nato's counter-piracy mission has said.


 NATO pirate ship Somalia weapon
Pakistan has ordered a review of all co-operation with the US and Nato after the alliance struck a Pakistani army checkpoint, killing at least 24 people.


 NATO Pakistan USA killing Afghanistan