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Belgian police have fired water cannon to disperse self-declared fascists who stormed a central square in Brussels. People had gathered at the Place de la Bourse to pay tribute at a makeshift memorial for victims of last Tuesday's deadly attacks.
 Brussels fascism Muslim terrorism
A jewel thief dressed as a wealthy Muslim woman has stolen rings worth hundreds of thousands of euros from dealers across Europe, police say. The woman, wearing a headscarf, coat and gold-framed glasses, is suspected of swapping gems for replicas. In one incident in Paris, the woman allegedly stole a 5.5 carat diamond ring worth 635,000 euros.
 jewel thief Muslim headscarf
The dramatic testimony from survivors of a draconian Thai military policy of towing Rohingya boat people out to sea and leaving them there has drawn international attention to the plight of one of the world's most oppressed people.


 Muslim Rohingya Burma Thailand migration
It is 20 years since Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against the author Salman Rushdie after the publication of The Satanic Verses.


 Muslim Salman Rushdie fatwa Satanic Verses blasphemy
Cameroon's government has organised a mass wedding of more than 50 couples, most already living polygamously.


 marriage Muslim polygamy Cameroon mass wedding
A Somali man has been charged with trying to kill a Danish artist whose drawing of the Prophet Mohammed sparked riots around the world.


 Somalia Muslim fundamentalism cartoon satire Denmark
Malaysia has stepped up a campaign to stop Muslims celebrating Valentine's Day - labelling it a "trap" that could encourage immoral behaviour.


 Malaysia Muslim Valentine sex love marriage morality
The compound in Abbottabad is just a few hundred metres from the Pakistan Military Academy - the country's equivalent of West Point or Sandhurst. US officials said Bin Laden was shot in the head after resisting. His body was consigned to the sea after a burial service on the USS Carl Vinson. "The deceased's body was washed and then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read...


 Osama bin Laden War On Terror burial USA military raid Muslim Islamabad Pakistan proof sea
A recording purported to have been made by Osama Bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda. In the message, he praises the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a "rare historic opportunity" for Muslims to rise up.


 Osama bin Laden revolution Muslim al-Qaeda War On Terror posthumous Middle East
A law has come into force in Belgium banning women from wearing the full Islamic veil in public.


 Belgium veil Muslim burka niqab women rights security tradition culture
A ban on saying prayers in the street, a practice by French Muslims unable to find space in mosques, has come into effect in the capital, Paris.


 Paris Muslim street prayer ban
A mob in Pakistan has stormed a police station and beaten to death a Muslim man accused of desecrating the Koran. The victim's body was then set alight, according to witnesses. The unnamed victim had earlier been handed over to the police after burnt pages of the Koran were found in a mosque in Dadu district, 330km (200 miles) north of Karachi, where he had been staying overnight. Hours later a mob went to the police station, seized...


 Pakistan mob Koran Muslim murder burn religion