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The Tube began service in 1863. It runs along 249 miles (402km) of track.


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A passenger has been charged with making a bomb threat which grounded a plane at London's Heathrow Airport on Friday night.


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From the butchery of Jack the Ripper to the organised crime of the Krays, an ambitious project is under way to map every London murder case since the 19th Century.
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A Roman settlement filled with ancient artefacts and human remains has been found on a west London building site.


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Its past presidents include great figures from history - such as Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Isaac Newton and Samuel Pepys - but as it celebrates its 350th birthday, The Royal Society in London has a new man in the top job.


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As thousands prepare for the London Marathon, the world's best face perhaps the most awe-inspiring barrier in sporting endeavour - the sub two-hour marathon.


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Finished my first marathon. The #LondonMarathon! For #ActionAid. Thanks to donors and others who believed in me and Edo!


 London marathon Edo Maguth Tomáš J. Fülöpp running