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Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has sent back images of a huge volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io.


 Moon volcano New Horizons Jupiter Io
The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (Jimo) is part of an ambitious mission to explore the three planet-sized Jovian moons Callisto, Ganymede and Europa. Designing the spacecraft poses a significant engineering challenge given the long distances involved. Controversially, the probe is to be powered by a nuclear propulsion system. Callisto, Ganymede and Europa are thought to harbour oceans of probable water beneath an icy crust. Jimo would be the...


 Moon power extraterrestrial life nuclear Jupiter probe Callisto Ganymede Europa
Scientists have produced a global geological map of Jupiter's moon Europa, which has been proposed as a destination for a future space mission. Interest in Europa has been fuelled by indications that a liquid water ocean lurks beneath its outer shell of ice. The mapping effort will help build a geological history of the enigmatic moon and target future explorations.


 water ice Moon extraterrestrial life Jupiter Europa Galileo
The next big cooperative European-US space mission will be to Europa, the ice-crusted moon of Jupiter.


 USA Moon Europe Jupiter Europa
Researchers are testing technology that could allow a lander to melt through the ice crust of Jupiter's moon Europa to reach the water ocean beneath. Space scientists want to send a craft to the Jovian moon because its ocean might, in theory, harbour life. Once through the 10-30km ice sheet, the probe could take a sample of water, to analyse it for microbial life.


 ocean ice Moon extraterrestrial life Jupiter probe Europa melt
Nasa and the European Space Agency have decided to forge ahead with an ambitious plan to send a probe to the Jupiter system and its icy moon Europa.


 Moon Jupiter probe Europa
The Europa-Jupiter System Mission will focus on Jupiter's icy satellites Europa and Ganymede, investigating their chemistry and geology.


 Jupiter moon Europa Ganymede ocean extraterrestrial life
The harder we search, the closer we get to answering the fundamental question - are we alone in the Universe?


 extraterrestrial life Europa Jupiter ice ocean water
Alarmed by the growing quantities of harmful nitrides in their planet's atmosphere, Jupiter's liberals are encouraging their fellow sentient ammonia-helium tornado beings to take measures to reduce their ammonia footprint.


 Jupiter climate change extraterrestrial life
An object that hit Jupiter last year with a force equivalent to a few thousand nuclear bombs, which left it with a scar the size of the Pacific Ocean was probably an asteroid, say astronomers.


 Jupiter asteroid collision astronomy
The study considers a reverse of the "panspermia" idea that occupies much of meteoritic research - namely, that the precursors to life, or life itself, may have been delivered by an impact on the early Earth. Equally, however, Earth impacts may throw up debris that could be loaded with microbes or small, hardy organisms like water bears - which have already demonstrated the ability to survive the harsh conditions of space. Other...


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