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The Shroud of Turin has been reproduced by an Italian scientist in another attempt to prove that the cloth bearing an image of Christ's face is a fake.


 Shroud of Turin Jesus Christ counterfeit Middle Ages toread Catholic religion
He said he wasn't surprised their DNA wasn't the same as their parents, as they came from God.


 religion Jesus Christ
There is theologically something quite profound in the fact that throughout history people have tried to depict Jesus in their own image. This is not a rough image of themselves people have been depicting. It's an ideal image of themselves, painting Jesus as something they are aspiring to.


 history race politics religion Jesus Christ projection
A team of archaeologists and scientists says it has, for the first time, found pieces of a burial shroud from the time of Jesus in a tomb in Jerusalem.


 Jesus Christ archeology grave Shroud of Turin
Sir Elton John has claimed Jesus was a "super-intelligent gay man" in an interview with a US magazine.


 homosexual gay Jesus Christ
It's perhaps the most controversial religious artefact in the world. The Shroud of Turin cloth that supposedly wrapped Jesus's body after the crucifixion and became imprinted with his image, has intrigued millions of believers and sceptics alike.


 blood fake crucifixion carbon dating age proof religion Jesus Christ Shroud of Turin
Pope concludes those responsible for the crucifixion were the 'Temple aristocracy' and supporters of the rebel Barabbas.


 Jesus Christ pope Jewish antisemitism guilt book death crucifiction
Christians mark Jesus Christ's Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, but new research suggests it took place on the Wednesday before his crucifixion.


 Jesus Christ crucifiction date calendar Jewish religion
How many generations does it take before someone alive today is the ancestor of everyone on the planet?


 family tree genetics genealogy ancestor Jesus Christ