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Salman Rushdie is among a dozen writers to have put their names to a statement in a French weekly paper warning against Islamic totalitarianism. ... It is not a clash of civilisations nor an antagonism of West and East that we are witnessing, but a global struggle that confronts democrats and theocrats.


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The editor of a French newspaper that printed a cartoon featuring the Prophet Muhammad on its front page has been sacked for offending Muslims.


 Islam cartoon freedom religion fundamentalism
France Soir said it had published the cartoons to show that religious dogma had no place in a secular society. ... Under the headline Yes, we have the right to caricature God, France Soir ran a front page cartoon of Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian gods floating on a cloud. It shows the Christian deity saying: Don't complain, Muhammad, we've all been caricatured here.


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An Evangelical church launched a legal action in an attempt to win the right to refer to God as Allah in children's books.


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Promiscuous women are responsible for earthquakes, a senior Iranian cleric has said. Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi told worshippers in Tehran last Friday that they had to stick to strict codes of modesty to protect themselves.


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Whether in Asia or the Arab world, an unknown number of women face an agonising problem having broken a deep taboo. They've had sex outside marriage and if found out, risk being ostracised by their communities, or even murdered. Sonia underwent surgery to reconnect her hymen Sonia says she considered suicide after her first sexual relationship Now more and more of them are undergoing surgery to re-connect their hymens and hide the any...


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Tayy al-Arḍ (Arabic: طيّ الأرض‎ "folding up of the earth") is the name for thaumaturgical teleportation in the mystical form of Islamic religious and philosophical tradition. The concept has been expressed as "traversing the earth without moving"; some have termed it "moving by the earth being displaced under one's feet".
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Eight foreigners and two Afghans have been found shot dead next to abandoned vehicles in the north-eastern Afghan province of Badakhshan, officials say.


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