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Since the cold day in February 1979 when the crowds stormed the police and army buildings and the Shah's last forces surrendered, Iran has been through a torrid time: war, terrorism, isolation, confrontation, sanctions. Most people in the West assumed that the Islamic revolution would collapse fast. Even a few months ago, the possibility existed that either Israel or America would soon bomb Iran. There was fresh talk of "regime...


 Iran democracy freedom revolution Islam
At a weekend meeting in Istanbul, 200 religious scholars and clerics met senior Hamas officials to plot a new jihad centred on Gaza.


 religion Israel Gaza Palestine Islam jihad
It is not widely recognized in the cultures beyond the direct influence of Islam the extent to which aesthetics is valued there, whether in the form of poetry or song.


 art Islam politics poetry
A study of medieval Islamic art has shown some of its geometric patterns use principles established centuries later by modern mathematicians. Researchers in the US have found 15th Century examples that use the concept of quasicrystalline geometry. This indicates intuitive understanding of complex mathematical formulae, even if the artisans had not worked out the underlying theory, the study says.


 art Islam mathematics architecture geometry
The authorities initially said the pig cull was a precaution against swine flu but now describe as a general public health measure. There have been no cases of swine flu reported in Egypt. In Mexico, where the global swine flu outbreak started, the authorities said it could be stabilising.


 Egypt religion pig Islam Coptic Christianity
I know it's totally unrealistic, but wouldn't it be great if we could actually convince people that it's for their own good when we cover-up evidence of government crimes?


 Barack Obama cover-up USA Islam occupation
No, štatistika isto neklame, ale otázkou ostáva, ako naozaj bude vyzerať ten svet za 15-30 rokov. Ak by mal byť moslimský, neznamená to, že bude ako Irak za Saddáma. A ešte je otázka, či nebude čínsky... V každom prípade sa mi nepáči, čo tam dodal ten prekladateľ na konci.. kto vraví, že bude platiť sharia zákon? To je ako keby si niekto predstavoval inkvizičné súdy len zato, že väčšina európskych štátov stojí na kresťanských základoch...
 Islam conquest world demography religion
Nicolas Sarkozy today took a hard line in France's latest row over Islamic dress, saying full veils and face coverings were a sign of women's debasement and "not welcome" on French soil.
 Islam burqa veil garment discrimination France women
... arrested in 2007 after downloading material relating to the role of women in Islamic societies. ... the upper house approved the death sentence conferred on Mr Kambaksh by a city court in Mazar-e-Sharif.


 Afghanistan women Sharia death Islam
Mr Rahman's family asked the court to dismiss the case against him, saying he suffered from mental illness.


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