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When crisis hits, the basics are needed. Food, water, shelter and, almost as important, internet access.


 Internet access humanitarian aid Haiti earthquake
Google and Verizon suggest treating fixed line services differently to wireless and some specialised content. This would allow net providers to give priority to certain online traffic. Protesters outside the famed Googleplex said this would create a "pay-to-play" service and urged Google to live up to its famous motto "don't be evil". "Companies like Google have benefited from a free and open internet and...


 Google net neutrality equality Internet Internet access
75-year-old woman could be jailed after she cut off the internet services of an entire country. The elderly woman from Georgia cut through a fibre-optic cable while searching for scrap metal and managed to disable Armenia’s web connection for hours last month, as well as disrupting services in her homeland.


 Georgia Armenia optical cable Internet access