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A piece of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree will "defy" gravity, the theory it inspired, when it is carried into space on the next Nasa shuttle mission. The wood sample is from the original tree from which an apple fell, leading Newton to devise his theory of gravity.


 Isaac Newton apple tree wood ISS weightlessness
The Russian cargo vehicle Progress has failed to dock with the International Space Station after an apparent electronics failure.


 ISS cargo telemetry navigation space travel
The crew of the International Space Station have been forced to reduce power after half the cooling system suddenly shut down over the weekend.


 ISS cooling space travel
A US capsule that could soon be hauling cargo and even astronauts to the space station is set to make its first demonstration flight.


 space travel orbit ISS SpaceX
The Kedr satellite will send greetings to radio enthusiasts in 15 languages, as well as photos and pressure data.


 Yuri Gagarin satellite orbit radio ISS
A piece of debris has narrowly missed the International Space Station (ISS), forcing its six crew members to go to their escape capsules and prepare for an emergency evacuation back to Earth.


 space junk ISS debris orbit collision
An unmanned freighter launched to the International Space Station (ISS) has been lost. The Russian space agency said the Progress M-12M cargo ship was not placed in the correct orbit by its rocket and fell back to Earth. The vessel was carrying three tonnes of supplies for the ISS astronauts.


 Russia space travel cargo ISS