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The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections has set the rest of the world a dilemma. The Palestinians have chosen Hamas and therefore the democratic choice has to be accepted, especially as spreading democracy in the "Greater Middle East" is the goal of the Bush administration. But Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation by both the US and the EU and unless the group accepts that Israel should exist, it is hard to see...


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Israel has decided to suspend the payment of taxes and customs duties to the Palestinian Authority, a spokesman for acting PM Ehud Olmert has said. Ranaan Gissin told the BBC payments would cease because the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, had won last week's parliamentary elections. The Oslo accords oblige Israel and the PA pay each other for various services.


 Israel Palestine tax Hamas
Israeli troops have detained eight Palestinian ministers and dozens of officials from the ruling Hamas group in raids across the West Bank. Sixty-four MPs and officials were seized, amid Israeli efforts to secure freedom for a captured soldier in Gaza. Israeli forces meanwhile massed at Gaza's northern border, as troops and tanks dug into positions in the south, a day after their original incursion. Air strikes have damaged...


 Israel Gaza Palestine Hamas abduction minister West Bank
The Palestinian parliamentary speaker detained by Israel on Sunday has been taken to hospital with chest pains and dizziness, the Israeli army says. A spokesman for Aziz Dweik said he was taken to hospital after being beaten by Israeli guards.


 Israel Palestine Hamas abduction parliament