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Google has admitted that for the past three years it has wrongly collected information people have sent over unencrypted wi-fi networks.


 WiFi wireless encryption Google snooping surveillance spying Google Street View mapping privacy
Eric Schmidt said that there was "no, harm, no foul", after the firm admitted that it had been collecting snippets of web activity from people's wi-fi.


 wifi privacy Google Google Street View surveillance
About 600 gigabytes of data was taken off of the Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries" and that "Google has been vacuuming up fragments of people's online activities broadcast over public Wi-Fi networks for the past four years.


 wifi Google privacy encryption Google Street View surveillance
Mystery surrounds a man wearing a horse's head who has been captured on Google's Street View in Aberdeen.


 Google Street View horse viral
n the hippest areas for Street Art, life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are printed and posted without authorization at the same spot where they were taken.


 Google Street View photography people street art
The Google engineer who wrote a program that collected personal data from wi-fi networks told at least two other colleagues.


 wifi snooping Google Google Street View privacy