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Online search giant Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to take on Facebook, which now claims more than 500m users.


 Google Google+ Facebook social network
Google has accused rivals Microsoft and Apple of buying up technology patents in a bid to hold back Android.


 Google patent Microsoft Apple mobile phone Google Android business
Google's bids for a pool of wireless patents were based on mathematical constants, say sources. The portfolio of 6,000 patents was auctioned to realise some value from the assets of bankrupt telecoms firm Nortel. During the sale, Google's bids were based on pi, other constants and the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Google lost the auction as a consortium including Apple and Microsoft made the winning bid of $4.5bn.


 Google Apple Microsoft auction patent mathematics constant
Ultra-high resolution images of several Dead Sea Scrolls are now available on the web, after Google helped digitise the ancient texts.


 religion Google scanning Dead Sea scroll history
Smartphones running Google's Android are the most popular among those buying new handsets, suggest figures.


 Google Android mobile phone operating system
A business owner accused in a Google review of being a paedophile and a thief has said he is delighted that the search giant has removed the entry.


 Google paedophilia accusation review false anonymity