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Business and consumer users of Google's popular e-mail service were hit by an outage.


 Google Gmail e-mail Google Mail
Google has been asked to explain why it is not making its Gmail e-mail service more secure.


 Gmail privacy security Google
How will you ever get used to using Gmail without that familiar grey "BETA" text greeting you when you log in everyday? What example will you cite the next time you make an internet joke about perpetual betas? Don't despair... for those of you long-time Gmail-ers who might feel some separation anxiety, we've got a solution. Just go to Settings, click on Labs, turn on "Back to Beta," and it'll be like...
 Gmail Google software
Google has taken the wraps off its latest social network known as Buzz. The service - integrated directly with its e-mail service Gmail - allows users to post status updates, share content and read and comment on friends' posts.


 Google Buzz social network Gmail Facebook Twitter
Facebook is expected to launch a new messaging system seen as a challenge to Google's Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.


 Facebook Gmail competition e-mail Google
Imagine loading Gmail and noticing that all your messages have been deleted. This is a real problem for many Gmail users who thought that they lost all of their messages.


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