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The Genesis probe is a week away from the dramatic conclusion to its mission: returning to Earth a sample of the solar wind, particles from the Sun.


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The Genesis mission to grab particles from the solar wind and return them to Earth pulled off a crucial manoeuvre.


 probe Sun Genesis
Scientists have been able to extract precious information from the smashed remains of the Genesis space capsule. The capsule, carrying captured particles blown off the Sun, crashed into the Utah desert in 2004, after its parachute failed. Less than half the samples are useable, but researchers have been working hard to recover what they can.


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Scientists have retrieved the damaged science canister from the Genesis mission and taken it to a clean room at the US Army base where it crashed. A team of specialists plucked pieces of dirt and mud that had lodged in the canister after it smashed at high speed into the Utah desert. The Nasa Genesis team says it will begin examining the contents of the capsule later on Thursday. Scientists are hopeful they can recover some of its solar...


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A Nasa space capsule carrying captured particles blown off the Sun has crashed back to Earth in the Utah desert after its parachutes failed to open. The $264m Genesis mission spent more than two years gathering the solar material to help scientists understand the origin of the Sun and the planets. Hollywood stunt pilots had been waiting to catch the capsule in midair to give its cargo a special soft landing. The US space agency is now...


 crash probe Sun Genesis solar wind
The Genesis probe, which left Earth in 2001 to gather particles blown off the Sun, returns its cargo on Wednesday. It will eject a capsule that will enter Earth's atmosphere at 40,000km/h before slowing, with the help of a parachute, to fall over the Utah desert. Hollywood stunt pilots are waiting to snatch the parachute in midair to prevent the capsule hitting the ground. Scientists hope the particles of solar wind can tell them...


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