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Facebook has made its first steps into the search market. The social network has launched a trial of a feature called Questions, which allows people to pose queries to the site's 500 million users...


 Facebook question search trust
Facebook has responded to Google's decision to block the export of contact information from Gmail by offering users a work-around solution...


 Facebook Google privacy
Facebook is expected to launch a new messaging system seen as a challenge to Google's Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail...


 Facebook Gmail competition e-mail Google
Under the proposal, firms would have to design systems to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages. Services based overseas would have to route communications through a server on United States soil where they could be wiretapped.


 privacy surveillance big brother USA FBI Google Facebook Internet wiretap
The celebrities have filmed "last tweet and testament" videos. They will sign back online when the charity raises $1 million. Their videos will appear in adverts showing them lying in coffins to represent what the campaign calls their digital deaths...


 blackmail social network celebrity singer Facebook Twitter charity
The Queen is set to have an official presence on Facebook when a British Monarchy page launches on the internet-based social networking site.


 queen Facebook UK
The US Air Force has warned its troops that using Facebook and other social networking sites could inadvertently reveal their location to the enemy.


 USA military location social network Facebook secret
Earlier this year a judge in Manchester had to dismiss a jury and restart a trial, The Sun reported, after a juror went onto her Facebook page, gave details of a trial and asked friends: "Did he do it?" Lord Judge, who is the most senior judge in England and Wales, said it was too easy for campaigners to bombard Twitter with messages in a bid to put pressure on jurors who might be looking at it...


 judge UK social network Facebook Twitter law court legal bias social control independence justice
The Israeli army has come up with a novel way of exposing women who lie about their religious background in order to avoid military service. It is using the social networking site Facebook to check up on them. More than 1,000 women have been tracked down after they falsely claimed they were exempt from the draft because they were Orthodox Jews.


 women Israel army military social network Facebook privacy spying espionage surveillance big brother
The social networking giant Facebook is a few steps away from trademarking the word face.


 face Facebook copyright trademark incredible
Path arrived at the idea of limiting users to a network of 50 people following research done by Oxford University Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Robin Dunbar. He espoused that 150 is the maximum number of social relationships that the human brain can sustain at a given time and that 50 is roughly the outer boundary of our personal networks. Facebook's approach and that of other social networks from Bebo to MySpace and Google...


 social network friend Facebook social number Dunbar psychology privacy
Facebook was forced to take itself offline after a staff member accidentally leaked internal product prototypes. The social network was unreachable for about 20-30 minutes while the mess was cleared up.


 Facebook prototype secret outage leak
Facebook intern Paul Butler has been poring through some of the data held by the social networking firm on its 500m members. The map above is the result of his attempts to visualise where people live relative to their Facebook friends. Each line connects cities with pairs of friends. The brighter the line, the more friends between those cities.


 Facebook visualization mapping world Internet friendship