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Billionaire financier George Soros has written to the Financial Times, calling for Facebook bosses Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg to leave Facebook. He argued the social media platform's refusal to remove political ads was "helping to get Donald Trump re-elected".
 Facebook george soros
Emma Brady, 35, said she learnt of the divorce when her spouse changed his Facebook status to read: "Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady."


 Facebook divorce marriage
A man murdered his estranged wife after becoming "enraged" when she changed her marital status on Facebook to "single".


 Facebook murder status
It is the ultimate "gentleman's agreement". Rather than compete for females, male long-tailed manakins co-operate with their friends. The tropical birds pair up to perform a courtship song and dance, but the alpha male gets the girl every time. Meanwhile his "wingman" spends five years playing second fiddle. But he eventually inherits the mating site.


 dance bird cooperation competition social Facebook evolution
The founder of Facebook has tried to dampen a growing row over the ownership of user data on the social network.


 Facebook privacy data ownership social network file sharing
Steve Ballmer, who has reportedly offered to pay $300 million to $500 million for a 5 percent stake in Facebook has warned that the social networking phenomenon risks becoming no more than a "fad".


 Microsoft Facebook
It's become a daily ritual for millions, but what happens when you deactivate your Facebook account and go cold turkey? Caroline Hocking - a self-confessed obsessive - finds out.


 Facebook social network addiction
A man on the run, wanted for fraud by US authorities, inadvertently revealed where he was hiding through a series of extravagant Facebook updates.
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Facebook has announced that it will be giving friends and family the option to "memorialise" the profiles of members who have died.


 death Internet Facebook tombstone
Staff who use Twitter and other social networking sites while at work are costing UK businesses £1.38bn every year.


 Twitter inefficiency Facebook time office work distraction
Parents fear their daughters are becoming addicted to social networking sites, a girls' school leader says.
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Facebook has threatened legal action against a service that sells friends on the social networking site.


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Google has taken the wraps off its latest social network known as Buzz. The service - integrated directly with its e-mail service Gmail - allows users to post status updates, share content and read and comment on friends' posts.


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Enclosure is a process whereby a resource held in common is taken into private control. The acts of enclosure of the industrial age were about land, they were brutal and conspicuous, and they were implemented, to a large degree, by force. The acts of enclosure of the information age are about social assets, they are subtle and invisible, and they are being implemented, to a large degree, by peer pressure. Although the larger dynamic of...


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US troops are to be allowed to use social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook following a review of internet use and security.
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Friends on social networking site Facebook can now send small payments directly to each other via an application called Buxter.


 Facebook money bank