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Who deserves to be named and shamed for the most deceptive or misleading lobbying campaign in Brussels this year?
 conflict of interest European Union lobbying
There have been mounting calls in Europe to suspend a planned upgrade in relations with Israel until its new right-wing government publicly expresses support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If the suspension goes ahead Israel's Foreign Ministry has warned the European Union it could lose its role as a broker in Middle East peace efforts.


 Israel European Union Palestine
... spider's web of US rendition flights is based on an utterly alien approach that breaches human rights. ... Under the highly secretive process, US intelligence agencies send terror suspects for interrogation by security officials in other countries, where they have no legal protection or rights under American law. Washington does not deny that terror suspects have been transferred for interrogation in other countries, but rejects...


 War On Terror terrorism USA rendition prison illegal abduction European Union
Officials in Brussels have omitted the word God from the European Union's future constitution.


 religion European Union God politics
Public sector workers in Greece have launched a nationwide strike in protest at government measures to tackle the country's huge budget deficit. Flights have been grounded, many schools closed, and hospitals are operating an emergency-only service. The government wants to cut pay, reduce pensions and revise the tax system.


 Greece European Union bancrupt economy
Scientists are planning to use the largest supercomputers to simulate life on Earth, including the financial system, economies and whole societies. The project is called "Living Earth Simulator" and part of a huge EU research initiative named FuturIcT.


 simulation planet social prediction European Union supercomputer pattern statistics sentience complexity virtual reality real time
Turkey's growing hostility to Israel may have been partly caused by its effective rejection by the European Union, the US defence secretary says. Robert Gates said Turkey may have been "pushed by some in Europe" away from the EU and into closer partnerships with states like Iran.


 USA Turkey European Union Israel hostile
Loss-making coal mines across the EU will have to close over the next four years, the European Commission says.


 coal mine European Union business unemployment efficiency
New rules are being drafted to improve transparency in EU institutions, but the intensity of lobbying in the internet age makes the "Brussels gravy train" image hard to shake off. The anti-corruption organisation Transparency International says about 3,000 lobbying groups have offices in Brussels.


 corruption Brussels European Union transparency lobbying politics Belgium
The past three years have been a disaster for most Western economies. The United States has mass long-term unemployment for the first time since the 1930s. Meanwhile, Europe’s single currency is coming apart at the seams. How did it all go so wrong? Well, what I’ve been hearing with growing frequency from members of the policy elite — self-appointed wise men, officials, and pundits in good standing — is the claim that it’s mostly the...


 Paul Krugman economy crisis euro European Union USA debt politics Iraq invasion 9/11 George W. Bush unemployment
Recent events, including stock market falls, the escalating sovereign debt crises, US credit rating downgrade and a near-stalling of growth in the developed world is leading increasing numbers of experts to wonder if the world is facing some fundamental changes.


 USA European Union euro economy recession debt currency dollar China