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Israel has airlifted thousands of Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan, it has emerged. Operation Moses, which has been taking place in secret since 21 November 1984, has been suspended since news of the covert airlift became public. Press leaks have forced the Israeli Government to admit that about 8,000 Ethiopians fleeing famine-struck Ethiopia have now arrived in Israel. The Arab world has been angered by Khartoum's decision to...


 Israel Arabic refugee Sudan Jewish Ethiopia famine
Fossil hunters working in Ethiopia have unearthed the remains of at least nine primitive hominids that are between 4.5 million and 4.3 million years old. ... Genetic studies have suggested a common ancestor for modern apes and humans may have existed about six million years ago.


 human evolution Ethiopia
Pastoralists in Ethiopia's drought-affected eastern desert region are turning towards traditional water harvesting techniques in an attempt to deal with the increasingly erratic weather patterns. Sub-surface dams which trap water in sand following flash floods can provide up to four months of clean water.


 Ethiopia water
The Axum obelisk, which stands in central Rome, was named after the northern Ethiopian city from where it was looted by invading Italian troops in 1937. Over the decades Addis Abba has appealed for the return of the 24-metre high granite monument. The dismantling of the obelisk should be completed later this year ready for shipment to Ethiopia.


 Axum obelisk Rome Ethiopia
At least 24 bodies of people killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash off Beirut have been pulled from the sea. Addis Ababa-bound Flight ET409 burst into flames and crashed into the Mediterranean shortly after take-off from Beirut airport in stormy weather. Rescuers are continuing to search for bodies and wreckage, but officials say it is very unlikely that any of the 90 people on board will be found alive. A Lebanese minister said...


 Lebanon Ethiopia Mediterranean airplane crash
Four East African states have signed an agreement to seek more water from the River Nile - a move strongly opposed by Egypt and Sudan. Under colonial-era accords, the two countries get 90% of the river's water.


 water conflict Egypt Nile shortage Sudan Uganda Rwanda Tanzania Ethiopia
Geologists working in the remote Afar region of Ethiopia say the ocean will eventually split the African continent in two, though it will take about 10 million years.


 Africa ocean geology Ethiopia Somalia
A joint undercover investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has uncovered evidence that the Ethiopian government is using billions of dollars of development aid as a tool for political oppression.


 Ethiopia humanitarian aid development aid famine manipulation investigation journalism