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The world's tallest building is set to be opened in the Gulf emirate of Dubai. More than 800m high and clad in 26,000 glass panels, Burj Dubai has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and apartments.


 Dubai skyscraper height architecture
Britain's foreign secretary David Miliband has taken the decision to expel an Israeli diplomat after the UK's serious organised crime agency turned up evidence that Israel cloned British passports.
 Israel assassination Mossad UK Dubai 201003023
A British couple jailed in Dubai for kissing in public have lost their appeal against their conviction.


 Dubai decency kiss law
Steamy text messages have resulted in a three-month jail sentence for an Indian man and an Indian woman in Dubai. Judges ruled that they had planned to "commit sin", a reference to an extramarital affair - which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates.


 SMS message mobile phone Dubai incredible freedom