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In 2008, Physicist Freeman Dyson gave a TED talk where he suggested that in the future there will be do-it-yourself biotechnology kits for the home geneticist, and that this is a necessary for the future acceptance of biotech by the general population. “We should follow the model that has been so successful with the electronic industry.” Dyson said. “What really turned computers into a great success in the world as a whole was toys. As...


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University of Sheffield PhD students Alex Baker and Chris Rose used a helium-filled balloon to send a foam box containing two small video cameras and a GPS tracker into the atmosphere. Because of the very cold temperatures at high altitudes, they insulated the box with duct tape and included a small heat pad to keep the cameras warm. The balloon is thought to have reached an altitude of 37km before popping, allowing a parachute inside to...


 space travel video balloon helium space atmosphere camera DIY Earth planet satellite
Some people like to build their own computers. A smaller number like to modify them to boost the speed of the processor and make them more powerful. Then there is an elite for whom building a modern PC is mere tinkering. Instead, they opt for the much more difficult task of building their own microprocessor from individual components.


 DIY tinker processor CPU computer
Swedish man who tried to set up a nuclear reactor in his kitchen at home has admitted his plan was "crazy". Richard Handl said he had just been "curious" and wanted to see if he would be able to split an atom.


 Sweden nuclear energy DIY incredible radioactive
This blog will document my attempt to build a working open source Bussard fusion reactor (also know as the Polywell).
 nuclear fusion DIY energy physics
Apollo in 1969. Shuttle in 1981. Nothing in 2011. Our space program would look awesome to anyone living backwards through time.


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