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Twenty years after revolutions swept away communist governments in Central and Eastern Europe, BBC News website readers reflect on what happened in 1989 and how it changed their lives.


 socialism revolution Velvet Revolution Czechoslovakia communist Eastern Europe
Officials in the former communist Czechoslovakia had planned to build an underground rail link under Austria to the Adriatic.


 Czechoslovakia tunnel sea beach Slovenia Yugoslavia
Zasľúbená krajina Československo získala na Expo '58 v Bruseli hlavnú cenu Zlatú hviezdu a mnoho ďalších ocenení. Napriek sivej socialistickej realite ju obdivoval celý svet, preto sa z bruselského sna nechcela nikdy prebudiť.


 Czechoslovakia expo advertisement socialism Brussels
A Czech travel agency is offering package holidays for people nostalgic for the trade union perks of communist Czechoslovakia, when factory workers were bussed off to recuperate from the daily grind. For a modest sum, guests can stay at a grim-looking hotel in Slovakia's Tatra Mountains, to relive the sights, sounds, and smells of pre-1989 holidays.


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