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Climate change groups have criticised Danish police for using heavy-handed tactics after they detained 968 people at a rally near the Copenhagen summit.


 activism Copenhagen climate change conference demonstration
Police in Copenhagen in Denmark say nearly 1,000 protesters were detained after a huge climate change rally.


 climate change Copenhagen demonstration violence
Key states have reached what they call a "meaningful agreement" at the Copenhagen climate summit.


 Copenhagen climate change
Climate negotiations will never be the same after the Copenhagen climate summit, and the accord reached in the Danish capital may very well prove to be the Munich Agreement of modern times. The document was an appeasement to major polluters that condemns the world to runaway climate change and declares war on our children. The conference in December ended with an "accord", with no legal status and dubious value, as one of its key...


 Munich betrayal Copenhagen climate change pollution politics overpopulation
A group of Danish rocket enthusiasts trying to launch a dummy 30km into the sky had to abort the mission when a valve on their rocket jammed.


 rocket launch Denmark Copenhagen space amateur