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Video footage has emerged of the moment a hostage held by the Farc guerrilla group for more than eight years was led to freedom by his captor.


 Colombia Farc hostage
Another 10 members of the Awa tribe in Colombia have been murdered, a group representing indigenous people says.


 Colombia Farc Awa tribe indigenous rebel
Colombia has announced it is negotiating with China to build an alternative to the Panama Canal.


 China Panama Colombia canal transport business
Colombia is the centre of the world's cocaine trade, and traffickers are always seeking new ways to avoid detection - including going underwater.


 submarine drug Colombia
Two Colombian priests who were found shot dead in the capital Bogota a year ago themselves hired the assassins who killed them, prosecutors say. They said the priests had agreed a suicide pact after one of them was diagnosed with Aids, but contracted hitmen because they could not bring themselves to carry it out. ... Suicide - like homosexual acts - is forbidden in the Catholic Church.


 suicide assassination Colombia Catholic Church homosexual religion incredible