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China first started considering building the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in the 1950s. The need is obvious. An area along three major rivers in northern China has 35% of the country's population, but only 7% of its water resources.


 water water shortage China
Once, China's human rights record might have been the main talking point, but that issue does not now seem as important. Some believe China's growing economic might has forced world leaders to soften their criticism on this issue.


 economy China freedom politics human rights
By 2050, India is predicted to have overtaken China as the world's most populous nation. In an already overcrowded world, richer countries are being asked to share responsibility for the problem of this population explosion, which to a large extent is due to poverty.


 overpopulation India China
India is set to overtake China as the world's most populous nation by 2050, while some countries will shrink by nearly 40%, according to new research. The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) says the next half century will see wild swings in population sizes. It predicts that the number of people on Earth will reach 9.3bn by 2050, compared with 6.3bn today. Britain's population is likely to overtake that of France, while the US...


 overpopulation India China
Beijing enjoyed its third day of artificially induced snow on Thursday after its longest drought in 38 years.


 water control China cloud artificial drought snow induced weather iodide
A Chinese lunar probe has crashed into the moon in what Beijing has called a controlled collision.


 China Moon probe
I pushed him off because jumpers like Chen are very selfish. ... Their action violates a lot of public interests. They do not really dare to kill themselves. Instead, they just want to raise the relevant government authorities' attention to their appeals.


 suicide China bridge incredible debt selfishness
China's central bank has reiterated its call for a new reserve currency to replace the US dollar.


 currency dollar USA China economy
The Himalayan pass of Nathu La, 4,000m (14,000 feet) above sea level, was once part of the ancient Silk Road.... Sikkim is a former Buddhist kingdom that merged with India in 1975, a move that was opposed by China which lay claim to the state.


 Asia China India
The patients - all teenagers or in their 20s - are sent to the centre because their parents believe they spend too much time on the internet. Mr Tao defines an internet addict as anyone who is on the internet for at least six hours a day and has little interest in school.


 incredible China Internet addiction
A mysterious underground chamber has been found inside the Chinese imperial tomb guarded by the famous Terracotta Army, Chinese archaeologists say.


 China Terracotta Army archaeology