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Chile's former military leader Augusto Pinochet has died in hospital aged 91.


 Augusto Pinochet Chile
Chile's army is continuing its search for an entire company of soldiers missing after a fierce snowstorm in the Andes mountains. Five soldiers died of hypothermia and 65 were still missing after a "tsunami of snow" struck during an exercise.


 army Chile exercise Andes tsunami avalanche snowstorm rescue
Chilean Olympic weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete has given birth to a baby boy during a training session, without having known she was pregnant.


 Chile weight birth toread
A team working on the Alma observatory in Chile have made their first measurements from the telescope's site, located 5,000m up in the Andes.
 toread astronomy Chile
The general manager of the Chilean mint has been dismissed after thousands of coins were issued with the name of the country spelt wrongly. The 50-peso coins - worth about 10 cents (6p) - were issued in 2008, but no-one noticed the mistake until late last year. Instead of C-H-I-L-E, the coins had C-H-I-I-E stamped on them. The coins have since become collectors' items and the mint says it has no plans to take them out of circulation.


 spelling Chile coin mint
The 8.8 magnitude quake struck at 0634 GMT about 115km north-east of the city of Concepcion and 325km south-west of the capital, Santiago.


 Chile earthquake
A tsunami more than one metre (3ft) high hit the country's northern Pacific coast on Sunday, although bigger waves were expected.


 Japan Chile tsunami earthquake
Earth's days may have gotten a little bit shorter since the massive earthquake in Chile, but don't feel bad if you haven't noticed. The difference is just about one-millionth of a second. ... An earthquake can make Earth rotate faster by nudging some of its mass closer to the planet's axis, just as ice skaters can speed up their spins by pulling in their arms. Conversely, a quake can slow the rotation and lengthen the...


 Chile earthquake axis rotation spin incredible day
The E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) will have a primary mirror 42m in diameter. Astronomers say the next-generation observatory will be so powerful it will be able to image directly rocky planets beyond our Solar System. It should also be able to provide major insights into the nature of black holes, galaxy formation, the mysterious "dark matter" that pervades the Universe, and the even more mysterious "dark...


 E-ELT telescope astronomy Chile Europe extrasolar planet
The indigenous Rapa Nui people have been protesting for the past three months about what say are plans to develop the island, as immigration and tourism increase. They are demanding the return of ancestral land they say was unlawfully seized from their grandparents.


 Rapa Nui Easter Island Chile independence history colonialism
A video of the Czech president pocketing a ceremonial pen on a state visit to Chile has become an YouTube hit, attracting 1.5 million views. The clip shows Vaclav Klaus admiring the jewel-encrusted pen at a news conference with the Chilean president, before discreetly stashing it away.


 Czech Republic shame Václav Klaus president Chile pen theft video viral