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The first passenger train linking the Australian cities of Adelaide and Darwin has begun its inaugural journey.


 Adelaide Darwin Australia train
The remains of a five-year-old Australian boy have been found in the stomach of a crocodile, police say. ... The victim's parents have reportedly asked authorities not to kill the crocodile.


 Australia child crocodile
A man has been bludgeoned to death by a group of Australian motorcycle gang members in full view of dozens of people at Sydney airport.


 Australia murder motorcycle gang
New research has found that a whopping 11 million Brits are thinking of taking a job overseas within the next two years - a significant dent in the population - and a fifth of those would choose a new life down under...


 UK migration unemployment exodus immigration emigration Australia
An Australian scientist says the continent needs five or six seasons to suit its climate. Tim Entwisle, chief of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens, says Australia should "unhook" itself from the "arbitrary" four seasons it inherited from Britain.


 Australia season weather climate
The vast Australian emptiness of the Nullarbor Plain is famous already as one of the world's most gruelling car journeys. Now it has become the proud home of the world's longest golf course. Eighteen holes spread over 1,365 km of outback terrain that can take as long as seven days to play - longer even, if you keep on hitting your balls into the scrubland or suffer the indignity of having them stolen by an errant dingo.


 golf Australia incredible travel
The Church of Scientology faces the prospect of a police investigation in Australia after being accused of torture and embezzlement and of forcing employees to have abortions.


 scientology torture Australia abortion religion
The dance of the weedy sea dragon takes place every year in the shallow seas off the coast of Australia. During the ghostly dance, two beautifully odd-looking fish mirror each other's every movement. At the end of the ritual, the male fish is the one to get pregnant, giving birth two months later.


 father mother courtship mating fish sea dragon Australia
Australia intends to introduce filters which will ban access to websites containing criminal content.


 Australia censorship Internet freedom of speech toread
A species of bee in Australia has found a gruesome way to deal with a parasitic interloper that can damage its hives.


 Australia bee mummy
Bruce Kringle, 60, was pulled to the ground by the animal and bitten on the legs and arms after apparently stepping on it by mistake.


 Australia wombat attack