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the premiere resource for extreme digital photography Antarctic images, books, multimedia and penguin trivia! Jonathan Chester, one of the world's leading polar photographers and guides invites you to explore this wonderful region.
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Two crates of Scotch whisky which belonged to the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton are to be recovered after a century buried in the Antarctic ice.
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Sea levels are likely to rise by about 1.4m globally by 2100 as polar ice melts, according to a major review of climate change in Antarctica.
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Scientists who mapped one of the most enigmatic mountain ranges on Earth have given a first glimpse of their data.
 toread Antarctica mountains
Australian explorer Douglas Mawson had the single-propeller Vickers with him on a 1911-12 expedition but it was abandoned because of engine troubles.


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Five crates of Scotch whisky and brandy belonging to the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton have been recovered after more than 100 years in the ice. They were buried beneath Shackleton's Antarctic hut, built in 1908 for a failed expedition to the South Pole.


 South Pole Antarctica whisky expedition
A huge collision expected to occur between the world's biggest iceberg and an Antarctic promontory may not happen.


 iceberg Antarctica collision
A large space rock may have exploded over Antarctica thousands of years ago, showering a large area with debris, according to new research. The evidence comes from accumulations of tiny meteoritic particles and a layer of extraterrestrial dust found in Antarctic ice cores.


 Antarctica meteorite
Hi-tech thieves have started using telephone numbers for the Antarctic to wring cash out of victims.


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