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A new discovery has revealed that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought.
 America archaeology travel Viking
Drawn half a millennium ago and then swiftly forgotten, one map made us see the world as we know it today... and helped name America. But, as Toby Lester has discovered, the most powerful nation on earth also owes its name to a pun.


 China America map cartography Pacific Ocean exploration circumnavigation
Avatar, James ­Cameron's blockbusting 3D film, is both profoundly silly and profound. It's ­profound because, like most films about aliens, it is a metaphor for contact between different human cultures. But in this case the metaphor is conscious and precise: this is the story of European engagement with the native peoples of the Americas. It's profoundly silly because engineering a happy ending demands a plot so stupid and...


 America native American Inca Aztec Columbus genocide history
America and Eurasia will crash into each other over the North Pole in 50-200 million years time, according to scientists at Yale University.


 America Eurasia North Pole continent tectonics future globe movement Pangaea
The biggest survey of Native American DNA has concluded that the New World was settled in three major waves. But the majority of today's indigenous Americans descend from a single group of migrants that crossed from Asia to Alaska 15,000 years ago or more.


 human migration America DNA genetics Siberia Asia