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Benedict XVI, who is on a tour of Africa, said handing out condoms only increased the problem of HIV/Aids. The Roman Catholic Church says marital fidelity and sexual abstinence are the best way to prevent the spread of HIV. But France, echoing the reaction of some aid agencies, said it "voices extremely sharp concern over the consequences of the Pope's comments". While it is not up to us to pass judgment on Church doctrine,...


 Cameroon condom Catholic France religion Pope HIV Africa AIDS pandemic contraception
The head of a Ghanaian king executed by Dutch colonists in the 1830s is to be returned to its homeland for burial. Badu Bonsu II, leader of the Ashanti tribe, is believed to have been decapitated in retaliation for the killing of two Dutch emissaries. ... Ghana had said the king would not be at rest if the head remained where it was.


 Africa mummy Dutch Ghana Ashanti head decapitation colonialism
The island of Principe, off the west coast of central Africa, has struck gold... black gold. But amid the frenzied drilling for their new-found oil riches, one Italian man is determined to restore the island's reputation for producing the best cocoa in the world.


The obelisk is the finest of more than 100 stone monoliths which stood in Axum, capital city of the ancient Axumite kingdom and birthplace of the biblical Queen of Sheba. In the 3rd Century AD, the Persian philosopher Mani described Axum as one of the four greatest kingdoms in the world, along with Rome, China and Persia. ... But long after its political and economic decline, Axum remained the place where Ethiopia's emperors were...


Broadband promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery - but in South Africa it seems the web is still no faster than a humble pigeon.


 pigeon communication network Africa Internet
An undercover investigation has found that up to two gorillas are killed and sold as bushmeat each week in Kouilou, a region of the Republic of Congo.


 gorilla poaching Africa Congo toread genocide