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Scientists have devised a new way to peer into the inner workings of a live honeybee colony, without disturbing the insects inside. The technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology (DR), scans a beehive, taking a series of 3D images. This reveals in real-time how many bees are inside, where they are, and gives clues as to what they are doing. Such information could help scientists understand what is causing bee numbers around the world...


 bee honey colony scan monitor 3D
3D printing will soon come up against laws made in a world of factories and machine tools, and the battle is likely to be even more intense than that over music and films.


 3D printer plastic object copyright
The TanDEM-X satellite has blasted into orbit on a mission to acquire the most precise 3D map of the Earth's surface...


 Earth geography 3D satellite mapping
The team used the Very Large Telescope in Chile to study the supernova 1987A, which lies 168,000 light-years away. The results show the original blast was very powerful and concentrated in one particular direction. Seen in 1987, it was the first supernova visible with the naked eye to have been observed for some 383 years.


 supernova star explosion 3D astronomy
The Gaia satellite will be sent far from Earth to map the positions of more than a billion stars in our galaxy.


 satellite mapping star astronomy universe telescope 3D planet asteroid
Toshiba has launched what it claims are the first 3D television sets that do not require special glasses.


 3D television glasses
James Cameron has taken a swipe at studios who add 3D to films in post-production, saying that 3D retro-fitting should only be used for classic movies like Jaws or ET.


 3D conversion movie
It has long been a staple of science fiction films - the idea that you could send a moving 3D representation of someone to any location, even on another continent.


 holography printer 3D projection visualization