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The makers of the Paranormal Activity films may be too embarrassed to use numbers in their titles any more, but the latest instalment, Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, is the sixth in the series – and that means that there have been six whole films in which the ch
Marine wildlife experts believe dolphins attacked a young pilot whale which was found stranded on a beach in Skye. Vets had to put down the badly injured three-year-old female calf, which was discovered on Tuesday at Dunvegan.
Thousands of Egyptians are turning on the TV host who said a victim of alleged sexual assault wore "revealing clothes". The story began when a violent confrontation was captured on closed-circuit television...
Up until the late 1960s the UK sent children living in care homes to new lives in Australia and other countries. It was a brutal experience for many, writes Kirstie Brewer. In the winter of 1949, 13-year-old Pamela Smedley boarded a ship to Australia with 27 other girls.
China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy, the state-run Xinhua news agency reports. Couples will now be allowed to have two children, it said, citing a statement from the Communist Party.
Rhinos are in trouble. The ancient Sumatran rhino has been declared extinct in Malaysia, following the fate of black rhinos in West Africa in 2011.
Two-month-old Daisy Mae Burrill died three days after 31-year-old John Burrill fractured her skull in Fleetwood, Lancashire, on 11 March. Her injuries were consistent with being gripped by the legs and swung against a hard surface, his trial heard.
It is a surreal and wildly popular show which has smashed global social media records. But few outside the Philippines have even heard of the phenomenon called AlDub.
Alan Blackman, was arrested after the animal was found injured at stables in Norfolk, in August. Following the discovery of the horse, Norfolk Police circulated several CCTV images of a man arriving at the stables in Redenhall.
When Christopher Dempsey offered to donate half his liver to a complete stranger, he knew it would be a life-changing experience. What the former marine didn't know was that he would be saving the life of the woman who would become his wife...
An Oklahoma woman has been arrested after police say she drunkenly fell out of her pickup truck and her three-year-old son steered the vehicle to safety across a four-lane road. Taloa Foster, 33, was charged with child endangerment.
The Rosetta spacecraft has discovered molecular oxygen in the cloud of gas surrounding the comet it is tracking. The discovery has come as a complete surprise to scientists who thought that oxygen would have reacted with other elements as planets were forming.
Krzysztof Charamsa accuses the Catholic Church of making the lives of millions of gay Catholics globally "a hell". He criticises what he calls the Vatican's hypocrisy in banning gay priests, even though he says the clergy is "full of homosexuals"...
A Syrian priest who was held by Islamic State (IS) militants for nearly three months and threatened with execution has for the first time spoken about his ordeal.
A group of film-makers and stuntmen is hoping to turn the breakaway territory of Somaliland into the next Hollywood. Undeterred by a shortage of cash, they turn to the local police for help when they need props and extras.
The Cassini probe is all set to make a daring close flyby of Enceladus, the brilliant white moon of Saturn. The Nasa craft will sweep just 50km above the moon's surface in a final attempt to "taste" the chemistry of water jets spewing from its south pole...
Extra costs of using a mobile phone in countries across the EU are to be scrapped, MEPs have agreed, after years of negotiations. The ban on data roaming charges from 15 June 2017 has received a final green light in the European Parliament.
The European Parliament has voted against a set of rules intended to safeguard "net neutrality" in the EU. Proponents of net neutrality, who demand that web traffic be treated equally by networks, have already criticised the move...
Producing fresh drinking water from the sea - desalination - has always seemed to be the most obvious answer to water shortages. Our oceans cover more than 70% of the earth's surface and contain 97% of its water...
Scientists at Cardiff University believe they can help explain why some people are prone to hallucinations. Researchers worked with colleagues at the University of Cambridge to study the predictive nature of the brain.