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At the heart of capitalism is the concept of creative destruction. And this phenomenon is turbocharged by technological progress. Innovations from the cotton gin to electricity to the computer have created dramatic changes in the way that we work and the jobs that are available.
Here come the Intelligent Machines. This week on the BBC you may get the impression that the robots have taken over.
The Cassini mission to Saturn has returned its final close-up images of the gas giant's Dione moon. The probe passed within 500km of the pockmarked surface on Monday - its fifth such encounter in the spacecraft's 11-year tour of the ringed planet...
US researchers say it has become "virtually impossible" to plant genetically modified trees in any part of the world. They argue that the GM trees are desperately needed to deal with an upsurge in forest diseases and pests...
Humans' status as a unique super-predator is laid bare in a new study published in Science magazine. The analysis of global data details the ruthlessness of our hunting practices and the impacts we have on prey...
The US space agency has issued another of the "selfie" portraits acquired by the Curiosity rover on Mars. Nasa tries to make one of these mosaics at every location where the robot drills into the surface...
Scientists in the US have found a way to take carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and make carbon nanofibres, a valuable manufacturing material.
A new probe that sticks to blood clots so they can be seen in a PET scan has proved successful in rats - and will be tested in humans later this year, according to researchers in the US.They say the technique can scan the entire body and pinpoint the location of large and small blood clots.
Software that helps Prof Stephen Hawking to speak via a computer has been published online by Intel, the company that created it. The program interprets visual signals and translates them into words, which are then "spoken" by a machine...
Google says data has been wiped from discs at one of its data centres in Belgium - after the local power grid was struck by lightning four times. Some people have permanently lost access to the files on the affected disks as a result.
It appears that hackers have released 10 gigabytes of data stolen from Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people. Hackers claim to have distributed the personal information on 33 million accounts via the dark web and it is now being pored over by security researchers, among others.
About a quarter of the world's population could have worms living in their guts. For many years experts have recommended treating large groups at risk of infection - but is this mass approach worthwhile?...
Scientists say tiny ocean plants could play a significant role in the formation of ice in clouds. An international team has shown that the top few millimetres of the sea is rich in secretions from phytoplankton.
A network of UK researchers has decided to compose a message to aliens - but they are divided over whether such a message should be sent into space.The group will enter the Breakthrough Message contest, which offers a $1m prize for creating a digital missive that represents human civilisation.
When it comes to justifying offensive jokes, you must have heard the irony argument.
She is thought to have swallowed it in order to smuggle it out of the country. The woman is believed to have stolen the six-carat diamond from a jewellery fair on Thursday by swapping it for a fake gemstone.
Once again, Vladimir Lenin is being resurrected. In Germany, workers Thursday dug up a sculpted 8,600-pound head of the Soviet Union’s first leader to be displayed as part of an exhibition.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin statue Fremont Lewis Evan Carpenter Berlin
Police were inspecting the shop for suspected stolen goods when they spotted the bicycle's "exceptional technical characteristics". It belonged to a rider competing in the Vuelta a Espana race around Spain.
 bicycle theft
Snake venom is deadly, with as many as 100,000 people worldwide dying each year from snake bites. The World Health Organization has added 'snakebite' to its list of neglected tropical diseases, but what is the real scale of the problem it faces against such a vicious venom?...
They flee a country at war where the West resists any major military or political engagement. They flee a country where Nato-led forces fought for more than a decade to achieve stability.