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Great apes have been put on lockdown against the threat of coronavirus. Gorilla tourism in Africa has been suspended, while sanctuaries for other apes, such as orangutans, have closed to the public.
Special measures are being taken at the Miami Zoo to protect two highly endangered clouded leopard cubs that are vulnerable to catching coronavirus. The cubs - one male and one female - were born on 11 February but have since been secluded in their den to allow time to bond with their mother.
The joint European-Japanese mission to Mercury reaches a key milestone on Friday when it swings past the Earth. The two-in-one BepiColombo space probe is using the gravity of its home world to bend a path towards the inner Solar System.
If you wanted to give an extravagant gift 5,000 years ago, you might have chosen an ostrich egg. Now some of these beautiful Easter egg-sized objects are in London's British Museum.
Growing numbers of fake medicines linked to coronavirus are on sale in developing countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. The WHO said taking these drugs could have "serious side effects".
The idea warmer weather might stop the coronavirus seems to have faded as the virus has spread around the globe. But could new research contain a glimmer of hope? It's too early to know for sure whether the new coronavirus is seasonal.
Conspiracy theories claiming 5G technology helps transmit coronavirus have been condemned by the scientific community. Videos have been shared on social media showing mobile phone masts on fire in Birmingham and Merseyside - along with the claims.
Robert and Trude mourned what they thought had been a lonely and isolated life for their disabled son. But when Mats died, they discovered that people all over Europe lit candles in his memory.
They would stay in his chateau in the south of France and had homes across the world. It was an idyllic life, beyond anyone's imagination.
Sex crime charges against the leader of an international religious organisation must be dismissed over procedural errors, a US appeals court has ruled. The La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World) church's Naasón Joaquín García faced a number of charges, including child rape and human trafficking.
Two van drivers escaped serious injury when a bridge over a river in northern Italy collapsed on Wednesday. The provincial road would normally have been busy but there was little traffic when the bridge fell, because of coronavirus lockdown measures.
One year on from publishing the first ever image of a black hole, the team behind that historic breakthrough is back with a new picture. This time we're being shown the base of a colossal jet of excited gas, or plasma, screaming away from another black hole at near light-speed.
After Martin Luther King was killed, many believed senator and presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy was going to carry on the reforming fight. Fifty years on, some argue Kennedy's assassination had a profound impact on the direction of America.
As the Covid-19 map gets covered by growing red circles, several countries still haven't registered a single case of infection, including one of the most repressive states in the world - Turkmenistan.
Australia's top court is set to rule on Cardinal George Pell's final appeal to overturn his conviction for child sexual abuse. The ex-Vatican treasurer is serving a six-year jail sentence after a jury found he abused two boys in a Melbourne cathedral in the 1990s.
Most sex workers meet customers in person. For them, the coronavirus spells economic ruin. But like many others, Cleo has switched focus to digital since the lockdown came into effect.
Scientists say trees have a role to play in combating noise pollution in urban environments and have identified the best species for the job. The larch was found to be the most effective tree when it comes to absorbing noise with its bark.