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The Vatican appears to have toned down criticism of Polish politicians' views of migrants ahead of a Papal visit. But the remarks later appeared to have been removed from the Vatican website...
Ook tijdens het WK in Brazilië kon je de Rode Duivels onder water aanmoedigen. (© Nemo33)
You’re out to lunch with someone you’ve known for a few years. Together you’ve held parties, celebrated birthdays, visited parks and bonded over your mutual love of ice cream. You’ve even been on holiday together. In all, they’ve spent quite a lot of money on you – roughly £63,224.
Television footage showed the object - believed to be a cargo container - wedged into the engine.


 airplane container engine
Cleenish and Killesher community groups solved the disputed location of the Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits at the Arney River in 1594 in a project called Battle, Bricks and Bridges. They have now unearthed a sword which was found at the ford in the river.