Surfing the Internet and the world shrinks to the size of a village. The farthest regions are just one click away. But taking a closer look, the infinite freedom of a virtual space is just an illusion. Why does not even one single website from North Korea exist? Why isn't there a website about the Tiananmen Massacre from within China, no right wing extremist propaganda from Germany, not one single Pin-Up girl from Iran, no criticism of Islam from Saudi Arabia, no call for a protest rally from Syria? The World Wide Web, the nervous system of a simultaneous communication and the platform for global data exchange, is quite a diverse heterogeneous formation. Many nations have an active Internet censorship. Government, Internet providers and Internet Services are observing, controlling and even blocking content. Therefore the Internet appears in different forms: tidied up, and in other ways trimmed or fragmented. So what's about this world that appears on our computer monitors?

 Internet freedom censorship

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