Paul Otlet

Paul Marie Ghislain Otlet (23 August 1868 – 10 December 1944) was an author, entrepreneur, visionary, lawyer and peace activist; he is one of several people who have been considered the father of information science, a field he called "documentation". Otlet created the Universal Decimal Classification, one of the most prominent examples of faceted classification. ... In 1907, following a huge international conference, Henri La Fontaine and Otlet created the Central Office of International Associations, which was renamed to the Union of International Associations in 1910, and which is still located in Brussels. They also created a great international center (now) called the Mundaneum to house the collections and activities of their various organizations and institutes. Otlet was also an idealist and peace activist, pushing internationalist political ideas that were embodied in the League of Nations and its International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation (forerunner of UNESCO).

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