Human genome further unravelled

The study, which was carried out on just 1% of our DNA code, challenges the view that genes are the main players in driving our biochemistry. Instead, it suggests genes, so called junk DNA and other elements, together weave an intricate control network. ... He explained that the study had found junk DNA was being transcribed, or copied, into RNA - an active molecule that relays information from DNA to the cellular machinery. He added: "This is a remarkable finding, since most prior research suggested only a fraction of the genome was transcribed." ... Dr Birney added that many of the RNA molecules were copying overlapping sequences of DNA. He said: "The genome looks like it is far more of a network of RNA transcripts that are all collaborating together. Some go off and make proteins; [and] quite a few, although we know they are there, we really do not have a good understanding of what they do. "This leads to a much more complex picture."


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